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Move Along, Nothing to see here…

August 21st, 2008 · 15 Comments · Stuff

Hey kids. I know I’ve been remiss on the blogs and posts here. I’m locked down, trying to get a new book finished before the tour in February. I promise I’ll start producing some web material soon.

For now, let me confirm the release date of the new book, Fool, will be February 10th. And that the next book will be — well — here’s the first paragraph:

“The city of San Francisco is being stalked by a huge, shaved vampyre cat named Chet, and only I, Abby Normal, emergency back-up mistress of the greater Bay Area night, and my manga-haired love monkey, Foo Dog, stand between the ravenous monster and a bloody massacre of the general public. Which isn’t, like, as bad as it sounds, because the general public kind of sucks ass.”

So, there you go. Now, back to work for me. As always, you can email me at if you actually want to get a personal response. I try to answer my MySpace messages, too. I’m not able, however, to respond to all of the general MySpace comments (I have to draw the line somewhere or I’ll never get any books written.).



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  • Goudron

    Excellent snippet! Thanks. I’ll have to get Goudron Jr. to catch up on BS Fiends and You Suck! I’m pretty sure he knows an Abby Normal or two.

  • 18Rabbit

    I would like to say that that is a sweet ass hat.
    As for the site, you should put “(required)” by the required fields in this here comment thinger and maybe a CATCHPA.

  • Leprrkan

    Niiiiiiiiiiiice… I see you’re still trying to take over the internet one web page at a time.

    I heard J Patterson has 15 different websites/pages and his little sweat-shop workers build him a new one every 6 days… just sayin’.


  • Lib

    Love the header with all the artwork from your books ! Plus there is something about a guy in a fool’s hat. ;)

  • JustAGirl

    Verra nice.

  • Lauren

    Mooooooom, the guy in the jester hat is looking at meeeeee.

  • WtW

    I sincerely hope that jester hat pic is the cover of the new book.

  • Nicole

    I came
    I saw
    I commented

    I’m a team player.

    Love the art work at the top!

  • mllefifi

    My first comment from yesterday disappeared.


  • Leah

    i’m super excited about the new book. my friends are getting tired of me talking about the older ones. plus, i need to wash the taint of stephanie meyers not-so-wonderful vampire series out of my brain.

    also, that is one amazingly cool banner!

  • Jessie

    How exciting! I read You Suck and was definitely in love with Abby Normal as a character. I’m glad to see she’s back for another book.

  • PKGirl

    If the cover and the snippet are indications of what’s to come, I can’t wait for February.

  • FFPF

    That’s because you touch yourself.

  • Nessy

    im so exciteedd!!!

  • Apuch

    Yea, I was amazed that you actually respond to your emails. Where do you get the time? Is your wifelike gal a saint? I recommend Facebook over my space. I know, you put a good deal of work into your little my space thing but it sucks, get over it. Facebook will suck one day and there will be something new but for now it is much more useful for networking then my space. I am just saying :-)

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