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To the McCain Voters

November 4th, 2008 · 19 Comments · Politics

To the McCain Voters

I know how you feel. Honestly. Been there. Got the T-shirt. But look at the spirit of those kids who have lined the streets of our cities tonight, the tears and the smiles, and you should know. We wish you no ill. I understand if you’re angry, disappointed, or incredulous, but that will pass, really. I understand. You don’t get to drive for a while, but you can scream, grab the wheel, and freak us out the whole way. Really, that’s more fun than driving.

Come on. It’ll be fun.



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  • Jacob

    And you will be the back-seat driver that tells us which Right to take. But we will be holding the wheel this time; taking direction from intellect and instinct, hope and (not so much)fear, love and NO hate. We will be a body of people that unite to feel connected more than we feel divided ever before. We drink wine!!!!

    - no, just kidding. (maybe, really) We are an Obama nation.
    We are finally proud (as a 22 year old) to be American.
    (unless prop. 8 passes, then I’m not so sure)

  • Sugar Ray Dodge

    We live to fight another day :)

  • Cullin

    He is the President now. Now it is up to him to live up to the spectacular expectations, hopes, and dreams he has inspired. I wish him luck. Even if I didn’t vote for him.

  • VerySmallGiant

    A large part of a good president’s job is to inspire citizens to act well on the global stage…and he certainly has the eloquence to instill that kind of healthy patriotism. Let us present to the world an American face we can all be proud of. Let us turn our national karma around. Let us all “live up to the spectacular expectations, hopes and dreams he has inspired.”

  • albertriehle

    How can you say that? You don’t know how the McCain voters feel! You’ve never had to hand control of your country over to an Islamic Fundamentalist with a crazy Christian minister who once had lunch with a guy who knew a lady who slept with some dude who played a video game that featured a terrorist!

    How dare you sir!

  • Leprrkan

    Yeah I feel a little sympathy for them… but I feel REALLY F**KING GLORIOUS for the rest of us :D

  • Jo


    I’m happy!

    I happy on you!


  • clickbouyow

    Why can’t we all just get along…..Vote Libertarian!! Get off the merry-go-round!!

  • Adele

    I think the sheer number of people who voted is a huge deal and proves that voter apathy is, at least in part, a result of the candidates on offer. I can only hope that as many of us turn out when Brown finally realises he’s not Emporer and does have to have an election eventually. I think in some ways that is the best result, over and above who actually gets elected.

  • Lynn Dalsing

    Yeah, it was a highlight of Tuesday night when Obama offered to be the president of the people who voted for McCain too, and one of my friends said, “No, you can all just take a backseat like we did for 8 years.” But seriously, I think it will be good for everyone.

    That said, California, prop 8? Really? You broke my heart. But now I realize how much I have to work for. So I will do better.

  • Cheri

    Obama is only one man and it is upto us to make the difference we want to see in this great nation. Someone told me we are ready for change and I told them that we must be that change. It will not be easy as the big corporations have run it with a steel. They are still in charge in spite of our immediate illusions. God grant us the strength and will to be the difference and change that we hoped for when we voted. I have no faith in Obama, he really is just another politician. My faith lies in the people who said enough is enough. They will make the difference, I will make the difference, you will make the difference. As Tiny Tim said,
    “God bless us every one!”

  • jeannie

    i feel like it was christmas, and now we have the letdown…..

  • Freehawk

    Obligatory Sarah Palin hotness comment. There, I feel better for having contributed something.

  • Michael

    Enough is enough. But enough of what? Sure the last guy turned out to be a real let-down because he let his personal agenda and beliefs get in the way of representing the people who elected him. I’m glad to see him go even though I voted for him. Those of us old enough to recognize how things move in cycles remember that every 8 to 12 years the unpopular Republican Party is defeated by an inexperienced Democrat who stands for change and shortly thereafter the country experiences major economic downturns and Whitehouse scandals (so you have to ask youself what really changes other than the faces). I’m not suggesting this is the case today, but I’ve yet to see a nation tax its way into prosperity. I sincerely wish the man well for totally selfish reasons as I hope to one day be able to retire and enjoy the fruits of my years of labor.
    So celebrate, gloat, whatever, but the real test of a President is to see who admits voting for him 4 years later. Talk to me then about your tee-shirt collection….

  • JoeyTheSquash

    I’m trying to be nice to the McCain people, at least until they start acting bitter and stupid. Oh wait – that happened on election night. Well, I’ll be nice anyway.

  • Cat Lady

    Okay – So what do Zombies say?
    “Braaaaaaaaaaaaaains braaaaaaaaaains braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains”

    What do Obama supporters say?
    “Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange chaaaaaaange chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange”


  • WizardX

    C at Lady is the smartest person in our nations history.

  • Cat Lady

    The one good thing about my lovely red state turning blue in the last election is we are now getting an IKEA!

    Coincidence? You decide.

  • dewjac94

    Don’t check all your cynicism at the door. Remember that the inauguration is costing an estimated $150-170 billion.

    You can buy a lot of crystal hearts for that.

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