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Signed Books – Even in Monkey Butt!!!

January 13th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Due to the overwhelming whinage in the blog comments, we’re going to make signed copies of Fool available to you guys who are outside of the tour area. I probably won’t be able to personalize them, but they’ll be firsts and they’ll be signed by me. Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore will be handling the transactions and mailing. (I am only signing them. That’s it. Do not complain to me about shipping and whatnot. I don’t know about Canada yet. )

Here’s the link: ORDER SIGNED FOOLS

This is a brand new link. They’ll be adding specifics about it being signed and whatnot soon, but if you order, it is for the sighed book.

They have to order the books and have them in the store on the 12th of February when I get there, so don’t wait around if you want one. There won’t be a make-up test. Sorry I won’t get to hang out with you in person, but you can clasp your signed book and watch the upcoming virtual book group video and it will be just like we’re BFFs.

More bookstores may come on line for mail order. Stay tuned.



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  • mattw

    Thanks for making that possible. However, people should be warned that monkeys will probably balk at having signed copies of Fool shoved up their butts. They’d probably want to read them first.

  • Amanda W

    Hahaha this blog made me giggle so much. Thank you for that.

  • WTW

    Good. The people of Monkey-Butt, North Dakota forgive you for your previous transgressions against the gentle-natured Monkey-Buttenese citizens.

  • Skooch

    Thanks much, you condescending bastard.

  • Leendert

    I’ll see you in hell with my signed copy you yellow bellied bastard!! No I’m just kidding, thanks a bunch for setting that up. Finally a signed copy of one of your books. I’ll talk to it everyday as if it were you then I’ll sing it to sleep and cuddle with it. I’ll try not to have sex with it but there are no guarantees.

  • Mobiustrip

    I don’t believe there is a Monkey-Butt in North Dakota. As a consolation there is a “Buttzville”

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