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My Lovely NPR Crap

March 12th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Uncategorized

I was on Talk of the Nation this afternoon. Here’s the podcast in case you missed it.

By the way, in the performance of Lear that the woman calls in about, Ian McKellan appeared nude for the storm scene. In Shakespeare’s time he would have been jailed. But, that said, there’s no way I can complete with his beknighted junk. (I wish I’d said that on the air, but I was sort of flabbergasted.)

“Talk of the Nation Talks Fool”



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  • Heather

    Ian McKellan’s junk!! AAaahh! My eyes! My eyes!

    I’ll not forgive you for that any time soon.

  • Heather

    Oh! I forgot…

    “…Child’s Christhood Pal”?!?!?!

  • Jenn Grimley

    I was so excited to hear you! You rock!

  • teresa

    yeah, that shakespeare nut was so out of line. reminds me of the time I watched Nicol Williamson playing Macbeth at the RSC and some fool – one of those folks who follows along in their worn copy of The Collected Works with a penlight in the theatre – began clapping when he couldn’t remember a line… (he was hammered) and he lifted his big head and bellowed, “Alright, dammit, give me the line, you ass…”

  • Silly

    i am just so impressed by the life you give your characters novel after novel. Not to mention some of them do the cross-over from novel to novel. And maintain such an image of themselves that, even I’d forgotten a name I’d recognize a trait. Like Mr. Minty Fresh. (I read Coyote Blue just recently for the first time to my regret. But his A Dirty Job self was there. Thanks, Minty.)

    You are amazing Mr. Moore!

  • Amanda W

    Very good interview, I especially love the English teacher, I always forget how Shakespeare was supposed to be interpreted. Every interview has to have at least one crazy lady! At least it sounded like a lady, I think the name was Bobby though…

  • -It's a secret-

    Great interview!
    But, seriously I’d love to read “Fool”; unfortunately I live in Austria so I have to wait ‘til it would come out. Sigh I hate to wait !

    And before I forget you rock Mr. M.!

  • Zach

    Holy hell! I just about peed my pants listening to how pissed that lady was. It was especially funny coming right after the previous caller who went on and on about how Shakespear went for the lowest common denominator and should be read with the understanding that you shouldn’t take it terribly serious. That woman totally would have been shouting to the Queen to have your hands cut off if we were back in the day! Always funny Chris.

  • Iron Jack

    King Lear is on PBS on Wednesday, 3/25. It’s McKellan’s version. I hope it’s edited for television.

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