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Signed Books for the Geographically Unloved!

March 4th, 2010 · 16 Comments · Uncategorized

For those of you who can’t make it to an event, you can order signed copies of Bite Me from Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego:

Signed copies of Bite Me.

I’m even going to inscribe them, so be sure to put the name to whom you’d like the book signed in the comments area. (Contact Mysterious Galaxy for any questions, like “Canadians, eh?”)



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  • WotV

    How about you just give one to me? I’m geographically unloved and yet such a big fan…

  • m1gu3l

    yeah, what can i say, i’m geographically unloved so much that i even can’t order it to my country =/

  • girlEgirl aka drugnerd

    yeah you should totally give us ALL free books, because you worked your ass of for the last year writing it and it’s not like it’s your lively hood or anything.

  • Arthur Dent

    I’m geographically challenged (way more than most) but I won’t hassle the AG for a freebie…

    I’m hinting that my wife to be get me one after I just spent two weeks home alone with 6 horses, two ponies, 3 cats, 5 dogs and 6 puppies while her and her daughter were swimming with Dolphins in Florida.

    How geographically challenged? Find Winnipeg on a map, then look north 1100kms (that’s about 730 miles you you Yanks).

    Looking forward to the new one, AG!

  • statik

    see you on 4/3!

  • Jessica Swiger

    Yay!!! I know my best friend Holly would love a signed copy too. We both traveled to North Carolina just to see you the last time! I’ll have to send her a link here!

  • Davis L. Blaine

    Bite Me!

  • Elitsa

    nah, I will wait. You will come to Vancouver sooner or later… I hope…

  • Sid Prince

    Hey CM! Will you sign the special gift addition of Lamb if we order that one? Getting BM on audio – best way to experience your book IMHO. Fool on audio was pure Shakespeare!

    Alt. idea – could buy Lamb local and mail to your agent for him/her to get your inscription?

    In perfect fucking French,


  • Dr Jones

    Oh man. Hope they sheep internationnal. And to say I left Montreal for France when someone writter I like finaly comes up north…


  • Joe Best Guy

    Hit this post a dollar late. Hey Moore, can I please tattoo your face on my left shoulder blade?

  • Laurel

    Just finished Bite Me :) it was great sequel. My all time favorite CM book remains A Dirty Job (Lamb is a close 2nd). If I order new copies online can I get those inscribed as well?

  • Debbz

    My sister left a message saying you were coming to Toronto and I literally did a happy dance! How lucky are we, to have an author that can actually make us scare people on public transit with our laughter! Thank You Christopher, we appreciate it. :)

  • Picard

    Went to Montreal last summer. Real French chicks so close. How cool is that? Wonder if Abby has any French cousins? I love it when other languages have to use English words. Saw an add on TV. Frenchy talk Frenchy talk, Fenchy talk, Grill Daddy, Frenchy talk Frenchy talk Frenchy talk. At the hotel the channel that had CNN turned to not so soft porn after midnight. God I wish the French had won the French and Indian War…
    Bite me was so tasty, I may have to read it again…

  • juanita

    I’v learned never lend your books out I don’t get them back

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