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Bite Me Tour with Updates and FAQ

March 19th, 2010 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

Hi kids, this will just link you to the previous blog, but I wanted this at the top so it was easy to find.
Be sure to check here BEFORE you leave the house if you’re going to an event and it’s some distance for you.
If there are changes, I’ll try to get them up. Do check, there were 8 address mistakes that were fixed since
this was first posted.

Bite Me Tour with Updates



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  • Heather

    Pre-ordered my book, got my “number” and can’t wait to see you in Naperville, IL! Thanks so much for adding the Chicago/Naperville dates. Much appreciated!

  • Mike Burke

    Cant wait to see you in NEW YORK CITY!! At Borders at 6:00 sharp!! haha it will def be good times and what not, I’m bringing the new book and the other hardcovers I have. I have every single one of your books but most are softcover.
    Ok awesome Chris can’t wait!!

  • Jim Picard

    Dude, ya gotta give us a way to tell you how fantastic Bite Me is. How ’bout posting something like “Hey, what do you think of Bite Me? ” That way we wouldn’t have to bother you at your e-mail.
    I love it. Belly Laugh City. Abby rocks my socks! Oh, and Kona is back, of course, Bite Me, from Fluke. Well played, sir. Shoulda seen it commin’ Thanks for the great writing….

  • DB

    Mr. Moore,

    Caught you on TotN today. Great interview. Never read your books. Perhaps that will change…


  • Moda

    I agree with DB, great interview Mr Moore.

  • Stef (Beta Male)

    just finished “A Dirty Job” your nuts Moore, god bless you …or damn you wich so ever you choose! keep up the awsomeness! starting blood sucking feinds next!

  • michelle

    I Love Bite me speacially abby normal , finish you sucked and started blood sucking friends Im hooked mr. Moore!!!

  • sueyq

    I was introduced to you by reading blood sucking fiends from audible A great listen. funny and fun. I am a old duck in my 50s but I am of course young at heart. and I like a good snicker. I like fantasy and the vampire wave has interest. I was happy to find that this book has a grouping of three. I do wish they were longer in length.however I will not fuss. but now I am on to the next book now, you suck.downloading it as I type. I just had to look you up to send you a kind word as to how much I enjoyed you book. now I have found a new author to follow. smile great. and thanks so much.

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