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Author Guy Tour Update -Still no Monkey Butt Event!

January 9th, 2009 · 30 Comments · Events and Interviews, Tour

You guys, here’s a few updates to the tour schedule. They’ve added another event in L.A on the 14th, as well as the Philly and D.C. dates at the end. Ann Arbor, Chicago, and perhaps other Midwest venues yet to come, and probably another Bay Area or two.

Feb.10: Books Inc, Opera Plaza, SF (Launch)
Feb. 11: Book Passage, Corte Madera
Feb. 12: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego
Feb. 13: B & N, Santa Monica
Feb. 14: Borders, Northridge
Feb. 15: 3rd Place, Seattle
Feb. 16: University, Seattle
Feb. 17: Powell’s, Portland
Feb. 19: Tattered Cover, Denver
Feb. 20: Boulder Bookstore, Boulder
Feb. 22: Bookpeople, Austin
Feb. 23: Wordsmith, Atlanta
Feb. 25: B & N Lincoln Center, NYC
Feb. 26: Chester County Books, PA
Feb. 27: Politics & Prose, Washington DC



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  • mllefifi

    Yay! West Chester!

    Thanks for the news, Chris! See you there! With bells on…

    …my shoes. ;)

  • jasonb

    Could you please remind the people that plan these for you that you have fans in flyover states too? I really love your books; but, the 12 hour round trip drive to see you is going to be a bitch.

  • jasonb

    P.S. I’m not sure, but I think I’m only an hour or so from Monkey Butt… If you can get that one added.

  • jeannie

    is there anything i have to do in advance besides mapquest it?

  • epobirs

    Here I am, sitting in a hotel room in Las Vegas, having finished my CES work, when I come across this TV show called “10 Items or Less.” It seems to be a version of ‘The Office’ set in a supermarket.

    Tonight’s epsidoe revolved around the staff’s obsession with a game they invented, Turkey Bowling.

    Better yet, one of the cast members is named Christopher Liam Moore. Strange.

  • T.R. Wolfe

    Any more info on the Tattered Cover Denver date? Like what time and which one, since there’s now three TC’s in Colorado?


  • albertriehle

    but….but….but….why are you teasing us Chicagoans!

  • Picard

    Seriously, Monkey Butt, Michigan is just around the corner from Paw Paw. (Boy, you should see the bar-scene-from-Star-Wars people who live there!) Which means Chicago isn’t that far away. But please stop teasing. Give us Chicago. The whole world’s watching. The whole world’s watching.

  • joebrad

    Louisiana! Come here! we have A book store! Some people even go there an’ everything!

  • jasonb

    Monkey Butt is in Michigan? We’ve got a town called Monkey’s Eyebrow in Kentucky. I just assumed that Monkey Butt would be due south of it…

  • Jennifer

    Well, having just finished my advance copy of “Fool”, I have but one thing to say…
    Fuckstockings! What am I to read now?!
    IT was great; I will not go and read King Lear now, as per your suggestion and I look forward to meeting you on the 17th at Powell’s (even though it is rival to my job at B & N!). Now for another thing to say…
    When’s your next book coming out? (Kidding! I’ll give you six months to kick one out!)

  • Leendert

    How about seeing friendly canadians? We’re not all tuque wearing, hockey playing, beaver buddies. Just the good ones. Come up and be cold with us.

  • Picard

    Naw, I was just kidding. Michigan doesn’t have a Monkey Butt, not even in the UP. We do have a Podunk, however. Probably be a while before Chris gets there, too. Canadians, eh? Canada’s great,eh?. It’s almost like a real country, eh?.

  • Sugar Ray Dodge

    I’ll be at the DC one for sure. :)

  • AngieBatgirl

    Yay! I don’t have to go to NYC :) West Chester, here I come.

  • Redroach

    Dude, you do Austin, but not Houston.
    Now I gotta drive three hours to see you.
    not fair


  • Molly

    Coming to DC and on a Friday too! I couldn’t ask for anything more. See you there!

  • Amanda W

    I still think you should add a Dallas :D Yup. That’s right. I’m complaining about a four hour drive. I’ll still come though!

  • Stefan Jones

    Cool, Powells!

    On 2/17!

    That’s the day when all the analog televisions implode, tearing a howling purple vortex in the fabric of space time.

    A book laden place like Powell’s is likely to be the safest place to be when that happens.

  • Sky

    yess! LA on the 14th! Woohoo for me! Humm Santa Monica sounds good too…either way, i’ll be there! :)

  • nansea

    No Tampa Bay? I’d even come ashore for it. Pulling anchor can be a bitch, but what the heck.

  • Jared

    Coming to DC, Finally! Feb. 27 already on calendar!

  • Picard

    I hope thye Canadians know I was kidding about Canada being almost a real country. It’s a great country, with great
    people, with a great sense of humor, (who read Christopher Moore.) Hey, who besides Canadians, would have an economic system base on a currency called a Loony. I understand. I’m a frostback myself.

  • cameron

    Yea Portland!!!

    Can’t wait for your crystallized intelligence and can’t wait to buy the book.

    foolishly yours–

  • Cindy B

    Okay, so if you not too afraid to come to Detroit, and if you pass through the airport, please please please please please (how many was that..5..all right, one more) please come by the Borders stores in the terminal. Please!?! I’m working on selling, like, 100 ths week. (not counting the one I’m buying) :)

  • Mark Covington

    Hey Chris,
    I’m going to catch you at the Washington DC signing. My wife and I are gonna drive up from Richmond, hit the spy museum, have a cheesesteak at the best cheesesteak place in the world in Bethesda and get you to sign Fool and my bible-like bound copy of Lamb. See you in the crime capital of the US- and that’s just Congress.

  • genevrawebster

    Dear chris sounds like you will be busy, hope to see a new book soon at a book store near moi,very quickly. What are the chances of a follow up to the last one that was about the chap who lost his wife and had and adventure underground. It was one of your “better” ones and I believe you received an award for it. It was funny, but also humorous over fool was interesting but in my humble observation not quite as amusing. yours faithfully Genevra Webster

  • genevrawebster

    chris,book before fool was better when are you doing another of similar quality come on book guy do not let the world/america down/faithfull fan

  • angelitobueno

    The March dates are still on–right? I sure hope so, otherwise I’ll have to do a quick change of plans.

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