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July 19th, 2006 · No Comments

It’s gotten to be almost superfluous to note that our president is an embarrassment. From deflecting foreign policy questions with pork allusions, to neck-rubbing the German Chancellor, to reducing the conflict in the Middle East to a "cut that shit out" comment, this week alone could stand as monument to his stupidity, but in the next few days he will crown that stupidity by vetoing the stem cell research bill passed by the senate today.

Just when you thought he couldn’t’ get any dumber, here he comes again, bottle rocket in his ass, ready to fire another round into the sum of human accomplishment.

Today, press secretary Tony Snow said, "The President will not allow any legislation to pass that goes down the slippery slope of taking human life to save human life."


So what, exactly, is the rational for the 30,000 civilians dead in Iraq? Wasn’t that taking human life to save human life? (I mean if we believe the Neo-con rap, I"m not even talking about stark reality, I’m talking about drinking the koolaid here.) I’m not even bringing up WMD, "seen as liberators", "the oil will pay for the whole thing", "it will bring stability to the Middle East", and "we fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here" rationales. I’m just talking about, "George, why did you have all those people killed?"

And of course, the answer is, "To save them from being killed."

So George Bush will veto a bill, that only allows research on embryos that would be discarded anyway. (From fertility clinics, leftover from families who only like their children in less-freakish litters of five or less.) In other words, he’s not saving anyone. It will be legal to flush them down the commode, or dance the meringue on them, but extract stem cells from them that may possibly save lives? No way. No funding for that.

One more time for the fundies who are chanting "they’re babies, they’re babies". THEY ARE STILL GOING TO BE THROWN AWAY. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BECOME CHILDREN. THEY ARE GOING TO BECOME SEWAGE.

What’s next, no blood transfusions? No organ transplants? ("Well, yes, he was brain-dead, but he’s potential human life, if someone reanimated him. And even though we’re having him cremated anyway, which would make reanimation really tough, we will not allow his organs to be used to save the lives of a half-dozen people.") This is not reductio ad absurdum, kids. This is a fair analogy. Okay, it’s a little r-a-a, but still…

The fact is, if you want to keep human embryos from being destroyed, then outlaw fertility clinics. Because isn’t fertilizing multiple eggs when you know that only one or two will be implanted in the womb the definition of "destroying human life to create human life"? I mean, you knew you couldn’t use them all, what did you think would happen with the extras?

There is a point where stupidity can be so extreme that it actually becomes evil. (And I define evil here as "behavior that defies reason to cause needless suffering".)

Well, Mr. President, if you weren’t there before, you certainly get on the Evil A-list now. (Although I think killing the 30,000 plus all the coalition troops pretty-much had your spot assured.)

George Bush is in his last term, but you senators and congress-persons who think that you are somehow placating your constituents by not voting for the bill to veto-proof it, well, you are betting on the stupidity of the American people to buy your bullshit again in the mid-terms,(I wonder how many fetuses you can get in a swift boat?) but someone may actually take the time to explain this one to the people, and at that point, even mildly stupid people may still recognize evil when they see it, and may turn on you. We can only hope.

Now, fly my monkeys, explain to your fundie friends that defeating this bill saves nothing, preserves nothing, it is NOT PRO LIFE. It wastes a chance at ending some people’s suffering. Anyone (from either party) who votes against this needs to be taken down in the fall.

I realize I’m stating the obvious here, and I apologize for that, but I needed to vent. You should read Scott Adams’ blog. He’s funny like every day.


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