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Live from Frankfurt

May 3rd, 2008 · No Comments

Live from Frankfurt
Okay, kids, I’m in Germany. Germans are really nice. They seem like Americans until they start talking, at which point, well, they seem way more German. (And when they speak English, they are a little better at it than we are.) But they look like us. More than French or Italians or alien insect people do.
I’ve taken upon myself to personally apologize to every single German person for our president being a fucking idiot. This may take up much of my free time here.
On the cultural differences file: They put a tiny bag of Gummi bears on your pillow in the hotel at night. I’m not kidding.
I’ve always been a little dubious about the practice of the mint on the pillow — you know, nothing like a little bit of sugar and caffeine right before a good night’s rest. Sure, Gummi bears are way better. Then, around four in the morning, as I was still trying to tongue errant bear bits out of my molars, I thought, “not so much.”

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