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The Tiny Templar – The Author Guy Interviews Michael P. Spradlin

September 17th, 2008 · 12 Comments · Events and Interviews, Reading Suggestions, Writing

“We’re on a mission from God.”

Chris Moore: So before you wrote The Tiny Templar did you ever practice any medieval combat?

Mike Spradlin: No. And the book is called The Youngest Templar.

Chris Moore: Whatever. Did you ever bash anyone in the head with one of those spiky things on a chain?

Mike Spradlin: A mace?

Chris Moore: I guess. Whatever!

Mike Spradlin: No. But when I was six I did shoot one of my sister’s boyfriends in the butt with my Robin Hood Bow & Arrow set. Does that count?

Chris Moore: Was he severely wounded?

Mike: No. Well, I had removed the suction cup tip from the arrow so I imagine it smarted pretty good.

Chris Moore: Cool! So what is the Tiny Templar about?

Mike: It tells the story of a young orphan boy who becomes a squire to a Templar Knight and during a battle in the Holy Land…

Chris: Do people get their heads bashed in?

Mike: Um. Yes. But you see during this battle in the Holy Land the young squire is given the Holy Grail….

Chris: And he uses it to bash someone’s head in!

Mike: Well. No. He doesn’t do that. He’s ordered to return the Grail to England for safe-keeping.

Chris: And he takes the Grail and bashes in Richard the Lionheart’s head?

Mike: No. But Richard the Lionheart is in the book.

Chris: Who else is in the book?

Mike: On his trip to England he is rescued from bandits by a young archer who hails from Sherwood Forest near the shire of Nottingham. Later they meet up with a girl who is a member of Al Hashshashin, a Muslim warrior cult. They team up with Tristan.

Chris: Does the girl warrior happen to carry one of those spiky things on a chain? I love a chick with a spiky thing on a chain.

Mike: No, but she does carry twin daggers.

Chris: Awesome. So there’s lots of battles and explosions and head bashing.

Mike: Yes. And it ends in a pretty terrific cliff hanger. The Youngest Templar is the first book in a trilogy.

Chris: Does the main character die?

Mike: Well, it’s the first book of a trilogy so…

Chris: How about this? Have readers send you $1 and he lives, $2 and he dies?

Mike: Um. Well. Sure, I could think about that I guess.

Chris: Where can readers find your book?

Mike: Visit my website or but its available wherever books are sold.

Chris: What about ?

Mike: Um. No website there. Sorry. And the book is called THE YOUNGEST TEMPLAR: KEEPER OF THE GRAIL by Michael P. Spradlin

Chris: Good luck!

Mike: Thanks!




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  • JimmyD

    ‘The Tiny Templar’ sounds like a new holiday special by Rankin/Bass. I’d watch it.

  • Matej

    Very nice…

  • David

    If nobody’s head gets bashed in by a girl with a mace and/or the Holy Grail, I’m not going near it.

  • unkosan

    I keep a tiny templar in my pants at all times, just in case.

  • unkosan

    Hah! darn fridays and brain farts. That above comment should have said “I keep a tiny templar in my POCKETS at all time, just in case I need to bash someone’s head in”


  • Jillopy

    You are the best interviewer ever. Plus, you found someone almost as tall as you to stand next to in a picture. :) Uhh…nice pink shades.

  • Joe

    It is always a treat to watch you at work, or in this case some ridiculous other version of it. Writing humor is a strange one I hope to understand.

    Biff rules!!!

  • NDY

    OMG!!! How did I miss this!!
    You know he is completely lying. Everyone knows he is married to the ninja Kelly and used to be in special forces with those crazy dem people.
    He totally has to come to my kids’ school. I will get on the PTA about this right now. They can pencil him in for right after the drug sniffing dog demo after recess…
    It’ll be rocking!!

  • Freehawk

    The thing most people don’t know about C.M. is that he is tall.

    I swear, you need to fire your cover photographer…

    I bet Sarah Palin has a spikey ball chain thing.

  • Katness

    I can’t be the first one who typed in “” and was a little sad when firefox couldn’t find anything.

  • Apuch

    Yes, the first thing I thought when I recognized C was “hum, he is taller then I expected.”. Boring, I know, but hey, go explain a brain.

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