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School of Mime, Angry Lost Cat

September 25th, 2009 · 14 Comments · Art, Uncategorized

First, on a light post in Auvers, France. A lost kitty poster…

On the Alexandre III bridge — the clear danger of pissing off the sculpture…

In the late 19th Century, there was a lot of public art, both in France and in England, that personified different industries. It’s like the ruling class just went, “I don’t care what it actually is, just make it look like agriculture.”

Then, there are always the national heroes:

And the institutions they founded:

You start with this, then they take one wall away until you can do it completely free form…

Meanwhile, at the Musee D’Orsay…

Ah, the single life. Here’s a painting of a some 19th century doctors getting ready to perform an autopsy, Entitled: Can’t get a Date.

And finally for today, an encore of “When Sculpture Met Opera” with improvements suggested by a reader….

Au Revoir! mon humide canards de amour. Au Revoir!



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  • lisa

    I giggled my way through the entire thing this morning…but I do have to say. The Mime thingy. I almost had to stop. Almost.

  • Joannajax

    Not to be a bitch but……



  • chris

    She’s wasted and didn’t pronounce the e.

  • Olivia

    Paris never seemed so funny before :) Glad you’re showing me a new side of my country ;)

  • gaia61

    Are you sure this isn’t cutting into book writing time?

  • chris

    You’re right. No more blogs. What was I thinking? Entertaining people in different forms. Thanks. Jeeze, I feel stupid now.

  • Shonna

    the last one made me pee a little…dammit man, need Depends to read this!

  • Maya

    Gaia61, while I admire your superhuman ability to work constantly, most mortals require some time to be not on the job and just have fun, which reinvigorates us and makes us more effective during work time. The fact that Chris shares his downtime with us, rather than making us wait until the next book release is an honor and a delight & I for one am gonna kiss his ass incessantly lest he change his mind.

  • Dana

    As always, I’m an appreciative audience. I love your pictorials. ;) Mime statue and picture that follows – brilliant!!

    I love you man.

  • amy lynn

    I love the blogs, the books and the tweets. You’ve made me laugh many times recently when i needed it desperately…

    and that cat is AWESOME! We have seven at my house, had eight. I’ve never seen such a pissed – off feline.

    - Spinster With Cats
    (aka amy lynn)

  • Richard Kray

    This makes me actually want to visit France. Thank you, Chris.

    -Richie – Zombies, books, and a bunch of other crap no one cares about.

  • David Keary

    What no new post yet. What are you doing working on a book or something. I need more blogs, instant gratification and all that, I am american after all.

  • Lisa Damian

    Are these the types of things that go through your mind as you gaze at the art work and architecture throughout France? You must be really fun to travel with. Pure genius!

  • Caiusthefool

    Mimes are funny.
    You should get paid for this, the cartooney stuff.
    Brilliantesque! (French for- “I wet myself from laughter homey!”)

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