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And he did Screw the Pooch, and was Condemned

August 9th, 2006 · No Comments

The argument goes, that because he has been a leader in the senate, because he did not personally hold the sword that killed tens of thousands, that he is not accountable. Joe Lieberman is whom I’m talking about, of course.

He got his clock cleaned tonight in the Democratic primary in Connecticut.

But let me remind Joe of another Jewish leader. A guy named Moses, who had also served for many years, and who also accomplished a lot for his people, but because he rebelled against the Lord’s commandment, was not allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Moses, it turns out, was not allowed to run as independent because the Jew thing wasn’t working out for him, and Joe Lieberman should not be allowed to change the race because the race did not favor him. That is a distinctly Republican thing to do, and Joe needs to be smote upside the head for even thinking about it.

And while I’m punishing this metaphor, it turns out that the God of Abraham got his forgiveness on after fourteen-hundred or so years, and he said, “Know what? You repent and say that I’m your one and only, and I’ll give you a pass. And to show you I’m sincere on this, I’ll kill this Jewish kid, who is my son.” (I’m paraphrasing.) So there you go. But there was the repent thing. And believe me, I’m only dragging god into this because Joe drags god into it all the time.

Repent, get redemption.

But Joe didn’t repent. Joe voted for the war. Hell, nearly everybody voted for the war. But when they found out that the reasons they were given for voting for the war were false, and that all the estimates of how the war would be fought and won turned out to be wrong, the smart and ethical people said, “You know what, that was a bad decision. I repent. I’m sorry. I don’t support this war.”

Not Joe.

Know what Joe? You don’t get to go. And as soon as I post this blog, I’m sending a note to the DNC, letting them know that if they support Lieberman from here on out, I’m done with them. No money, no support from me. I’ll write my senators and congressmen, and let them know too, that any support for Lieberman and I’m done with them. I will oppose them and campaign against them if they support this guy.

In early 2000 or maybe it was 99, when Al Gore picked Lieberman for a running mate I was thrilled. I was thrilled because Gore had the guts to pick a Jewish candidate, and I had just spent three years researching and writing Lamb, and I had learned a lot about the Jewish people, and I thought it was courageous thing for Gore to do. Now I have to admit, I had no idea how Lieberman operated. I didn’t know his voting record, and I hadn’t heard him speak, so I guess I was guilty of, what would you call it? Semitism? Yes, I was thrilled just because the guy was Jewish. Mea Culpa. I repent.

I now oppose him, not because of his religion, but because of his actions. The friend of my enemy is my enemy, to turn the phrase around. When someone as visible and powerful in the party as Lieberman was, aligns with George Bush, then sticks with him after he knows the guy has committed crimes against humanity, well, no promised land for you Joe. I seldom post anything quite this personally political, and I may take it down in a couple of days, but for now I’m calling on the eight of you who agree with me about these things, actively oppose Lieberman’s run as an independent in Connecticut. He betrayed the party once, how do you think he’s going to behave once he’s sent to Washington with Republican and Independent votes.

(And how many lame “Say it ain’t so, Joe” headlines are we going to see today? Maybe I’ll be the first one with a lame Moses metaphor, though?)


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