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Because you axed…

March 19th, 2005 · No Comments

Katy O asks:

What would your last meal be?

Anything with cyanide or arsenic in it, I guess. Or, you know, lava. You couldn’t eat much lava.

What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

Mom was up on the roof.

How do you feel about feng shui?

I’m for it.

Brad Asks:

Have you ever had to listen to a song so many times it made you want to rip your hair out, strand by strand by STRAND, go on a killing spree, burn a building down, or at least go turn off the radio?

It’s 1977, I’m working nightcrew in a grocery store where you listen to the radio blasting all night long, and Linda Ronstadt’s Blue Bijou comes on for the eight-zillionth time. That was the moment. I snapped. I’ve never been the same.

Have you ever felt the need to smash a sibling’s/friend’s/anyone else’s stereo?

When I was a student at Brooks Institute of Photography I had a roommate that played Grateful Dead albums all day and all night long. I was finally forced to threaten to shoot his motorcycle with my .44 Magnum if he didn’t turn the shit off. (I’m not kidding.)

A Guest asks: The return of leg warmers as fashion- yay or nay?

I like ‘em. Especially if it means that we are going through the return of high-waisted jeans, which came between the hip-hugger and leg-warmer trend. I think we should all agree, if women will pass on high-waisted jeans from the 70s, guys will resist the urge to get perms. Ylekot88 asks:

Do you ever get tongue tied and shy, or have a hard time speaking to people you’ve never met before?

Yes. I have an awful time going up to other authors I admire. Really beautiful women turn me into a bit of a botard as well.

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